Protecting the Consumer’s Right to Choose
a Meaningful, Dignified, Affordable Funeral

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I plan my funeral now?
Planning now gives you the opportunity to:

  • involve all members of your family in discussion of their personal preferences and feelings
  • choose a funeral you can afford; when death occurs the emotional distress can cloud common sense
  • record details according to your and your family’s wishes
  • provide direction to the person(s) in charge of your funeral arrangements
  • ensure that personal records are organized so that important information is available at time of death; and
  • allow your family, at time of grieving, to concentrate on personal aspects of the arrangements
What are the steps to planning my funeral?
Step 1 – Talk it over
Funeral planning is a family affair. Avoiding the topic won’t prevent death, but it will make the funeral more difficult and likely more expensive for your survivors. Families get together to discuss weddings, car buying and other things. But they avoid the most personal and emotional event of all. Sit down with your family. Discuss your wishes and be open to theirs.

Step 2 – Know your options
It is your right to choose the simplest, least costly funeral or any other version you want and can afford. Explain your choice to your family. Be sensitive to their concerns.

Step 3 – Shop around
Start with the price survey in your Member’s Kit. Request a price list from a funeral provider.   Ask for information about the services and look at the merchandise provided. Take time to decide what you want.

Step 4 – Put it all together
Again, talk to your family about what you’ve learned. Remember, although the plan you file with the funeral home is legal authorization for your funeral, your executors have the final say. Finally, fill out your Funeral Plan and Vital Information Record. Copy your plan and distribute it to your family. Return your Location of My Funeral Plan form to the Memorial Society.

Should I pay for my funeral now?
Prepayment of funeral costs is rarely necessary. In general, memorial societies DO NOT recommend prepayment.

  • There are billions of dollars sitting in unclaimed prepaid funerals in Ontario.
  • Why pay in advance for purchases you might not receive for years?
  • The fact is there is usually money available when someone dies – bank accounts, investments, life insurance, employee death benefits, Canada Pension Plan Death Benefits.