Protecting the Consumer’s Right to Choose
a Meaningful, Dignified, Affordable Funeral

Our Purpose

To provide independent information about low-cost funerals, funeral requirements, and the choices available.
To encourage funeral planning as an important part of consumer awareness.

To serve the public interest by informing consumers about their rights under provincial law, by advocating for increased consumer protection, and by monitoring funeral industry practices.

Who We Are

Memorial Society of Northern Ontario (MSNO) is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization, incorporated (1980) in the Province of Ontario. MSNO is independent of government and religious institutions and does not own or operate any funeral-related or other business. MSNO derives all income from membership fees and donations and uses all money received for public awareness and operating purposes.

Did You Know

  • Memorial Societies are the only source of independent consumer information about funerals in North America
  • a funeral is often one of the three or four most expensive purchases most people will make in a lifetime
  • in 2014, Ontario consumers paid an average funeral price of over $7,800 not including burial, cremation, taxes, etc.
  • joining the Memorial Society can result in significant savings on your funeral costs

Your Choices

Memorial Societies provide information about two types of low-cost, dignified funerals, each with the choice of cremation or burial. The funeral provider (funeral home or transfer service) will contact the cemetery or crematorium on your behalf and, if requested, will arrange for return of the ashes.

Direct disposition (referred to as Type ‘A’)
Is usually chosen by members who wish no service or a private memorial service at a later date. The funeral provider transfers the deceased, obtains the legal documents, provides a plain casket and transports the deceased to the cemetery or crematorium. Family members may arrange a private viewing.

Traditional funeral (referred to as Type ‘B’)
Usually chosen by members who prefer a visitation, use of the funeral home chapel and a car to transport the family. It also includes the basic services described above. Family members may also arrange a private viewing.