Protecting the Consumer’s Right to Choose
a Meaningful, Dignified, Affordable Funeral

Memorial Society of Northern Ontario

The Memorial Society of Northern Ontario is the only independent, non-profit, volunteer-run organization in North Eastern Ontario.

The MSNO is part of a worldwide movement whose purpose is to educate the public, advocate funeral planning, increase public awareness and inform you about your legal rights as a consumer in Ontario. We provide our members with a member’s kit, which includes a price survey, a funeral planning form and a personal information document. Our telephone volunteers provide help on request 24-hours a day. Serving the public interest throughout North Eastern Ontario.

Make a Donation

As a Non Profit Volunteer Organization,
we say thank you for your generous donations.
Any amount donated helps and goes a long way.
It will make a difference and families
will benefit for years to come!

Become a Member

For a small, one-time fee, you will be entitled
to a lifetime membership.
Membership has many benefits
which will help inform you and your family!
Be informed. Join the MSNO.

Please contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.


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